Do You Sometimes Feel Your Business Cards Just Aren't Working?

Well...your cards may not be working for you, but the people you give them to find all sorts of good ways to put them to work, such as:
  • propping up wobbly tables
  • stopping windows from rattling
  • miniature origami projects
  • emergency toothpicks
Wonder why your card isn't being noticed?

Maybe this wiil help....
Introducing the
Business Card Notepad
We've got the solution for getting your business card noticed, getting your phone to ring, and for keeping your business card in front of your client for a long time! Your card won't get lost in a drawer or thrown away...Your client will use your card every day! And, they will show your Business Card Notepad to others!

When was the last time you heard someone say? "I like your business card." Or "This is a really clever idea. Where did you get these?"

The Business Card Notepad by Kwikjots creates the all-important first impression to potential clients and customers.'s a first impression that lasts a long, long time!
Using your existing business card for the front of the notepad, we spiral bind your card to a 40-sheet pad with a calendar-at-a-glance on the back side. The notepad fits conveniently in purse, pocket, sun visor, or briefcase. It's a great place to jot down a phone number or a quick idea. Even in these days of electronic organizers, believe it or not, a piece of paper still comes in handy!

Great as a "giveaway" or as your business card itself!

What's involved?

We know what you're thinking! Whenever you hear about an innovative idea like this it somehow turns into a project far more complicated than organizing the Superbowl half-time show...with or without Janet Jackson! Your printer gets the wrong color specification or someone forgets to check your phone number and your clients end up calling some weirdo in Billings, Montana instead of you! Well...since your business cards are already printed, there's nothing that can go wrong!
What's it going to cost?

The Real Question is: What's Lost Business Going to Cost?
It's simple. To get business, your name has to be in front of people on a regular basis. Every time people write a note on your Business Card Notepad they'll see your name. Quite often, when the pad runs out, they will call you for another one. That's a small price to pay to keep your name in front of them. Speaking of a small price, look at our low introductory pricing for the Business Card Notepad!

Limited Time Introductory Pricing:
Quantity Cost Total for Pads
.75 eac
.67 ea
0.605 ea
.57 ea

(For quantities over 3,500 call 602-550-1212 for a quote)
On the fence? Remember...promotional products create awareness. Businesses that hand out promotional items receive 22% more referrals. And, reorders come in 13% sooner.

Finally... you can watch your clients make a note of your business card...literally!
Don't take our word for it!
Here's what others have said about the Business Card Notepad.
"My clients not only keep my Business Cards, they use them!"
Frank Bevaqua - Real Estate

"Please reorder another 3,000. They are an enormous smash hit."
Sara Fusco, Woodbury, NY Law Firm

"We order by the hundreds and place them at our local bank. Their customers love them and we build our local Insurance Agency image!"
Sean Culhane, Culhane & King Insurance

"Just a quick note to thank you for the Business Card Notepad! Most excellent and well done. I hope to order again soon. I've been getting a lot of good comments about the unique note cards."
Melody, Victorian Lighting Company
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Its that simple.


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